Sunday, May 5, 2013

We were blessed to be able to find and work with Faith Raulerson, a 13 year old young woman and her step dad Tony McMaster for the past several months.  We found them back in December when we were looking for Faith's mom (now Tony's wife) but with the holidays, scheduling conflicts etc. it took a while to establish a schedule for lessons etc.  In late January or early February we finally asked if we could pick up Faith on Wednesday evenings and take her to Young Women's and have her start lessons with the Elders prior to the YW meeting.  Faith said she would like to go and her mother Melissa thought that was a good idea.  We were also able to arrange to meet with Tony each Wednesday night when we brought her home.  Tony had had a couple of lessons with some missionaries 2-3 years ago but felt they were pushing him too hard and quit seeing them.  We promised to just go at whatever pace he felt comfortable with, told him to ask as many questions as he wanted to and he was willing to proceed on that basis.   Now after a couple of months and many prayers and good discussions he was baptized on the 4th of May along with Faith.

Our mission President tells the Elders to give short powerful lessons, no more than 30 minutes, but our conversations with Tony went way over that.  We are there for well over an hour each time and sometimes we are there nearly two hours but it has been a great experience for us.  He is a good man that wants to have God and Jesus Christ in his life.  He gave up his tea and alcohol immediately, has been working on cleaning up his dockworker's language, started to have prayer and  family meals together as often as they can in the evenings and has been anxious to be baptized.  Faith has been anxious as well.  She gave up her sweet tea immediately after the lesson on the word of wisdom and when we picked her up for YW last wed. as soon as she got in the car she excitedly said "only 3 more days until I get baptized!"  It has been amazing.

Both Tony and Faith were baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday, May 4, 2013.  Brent was able to baptize Tony and Faith's uncle, Josh Rayburn baptized her.  Brent confirmed Tony today in sacrament meeting and Elder Tibbitts confirmed Faith.

It has been a wonderful weekend.
Tony McMaster with Brent and Sharyn
Faith Raulerson with Brent and Sharyn

Tony, Faith and Melissa


  1. Let me just say...the church is true!! What a blessing for them on their baptism day. The adventure begins........

  2. So fun for my kids to see these pictures!!

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