Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We have had some great experiences the last few days, today being best of all as you will see later in this post.  Our apartment is the one on the right.  The next picture is our street.  The picture on the bottom is out our back window.  The drive through at McDonalds is open 24/7.

We are the middle of three duplexes 

St Mary's River

Our back yard MickeyDees

There are lots of woods and water here and it is beautiful even though it is winter.  We did scrape frost on the windshield on Sunday morning so it does get pretty cool overnight but the days warm up to the 60-70's.  The people here are polite, respectful, friendly and easy to talk to and we really appreciate that so we are settling into our role and enjoying it.  We had a great Thanksgiving.  We went for a nice bicycle ride around the area early in the afternoon and Sharyn cooked a turkey breast for the missionaries in the afternoon so it was just us and the missionaries and much different than our usual celebration but we enjoyed it.

We had our first "P" day on Monday.  We did some errands and got caught up on some things in the morning and then we drove out to Fernandina Island to Fort Clinch.  It is a great place to ride bikes, walk on the beach and hike.  that is where the pictures were taken with the tree lined roads and the beach etc.  In the evening we went into historic downtown Fernandina.  It is a quaint little town with narrow streets, quaint shops, and some good restaurants.  We ate at a great little restaurant down by the wharf that was built in the 1850's.  The food was very good and the decor was warm and inviting.  We took the pictures of the sunset over the harbor just across the street from there.

First cute little Armadillo we've seen
Beach area at Fort Clinch State Park

Riding in Fort Clinch State Park
Elder Brown up a tree
Sunset at Fernandina Harbor


We had our most productive day finding potential prospects today.  We were able to contact two men who indicated that they would be willing to hear more about the church.  We found another woman who would like for her daughter to be baptized and have her baby blessed.  We also found a man whose wife was baptized a few years ago that also gave me his contact information and said they would be receptive to perhaps going to church and having us stop by.  They are raising 4 grandchildren ages 4-5-6 and 7.  I would love to get them involved in the church.

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  1. We love seeing your pictures and hearing about your adventures! Keep the posts coming! Love you!