Monday, December 10, 2012

Pictures taken on a recent walk (except for the church)

Street view of our church  It was built in sections as the congregation grows.
North end of church where the chapel will be added
Great garden where he raises turnips, greens and rutabagas.   

There are horse ranches close by also

Some areas look a lot like Hawaii!
 A stream and forested area not far from our apartment.  It is pretty but we don't dare walk into it because of snakes and who knows what else!
Could be a scene for a calendar

These are some pictures we took on a recent morning walk.  They are within a mile of our apartment.  We walk or ride our bicycles for 45 minutes to an hour three to four mornings a week after studying.  Then we decide what area we are going to attempt to locate members.

It's hard to believe that it is near the middle of December.  The temperature is usually in the 70's but is often overcast and sometimes foggy but all in all it is quite comfortable.

This will be a busy week. Today we are driving to Jacksonville for a Christmas party for the Senior missionaries where we will have dinner at the mission home then board a train for a ride to St. Augustine to see the lights etc.  It will be fun.

Yesterday we had 99 people at Sacrament meeting!  Usually we have about 70.  It was the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  We should have a Primary program every week.  We were excited to see several members that we have recently been working with.

We spend most days looking for people on the branch membership list.  Many on the list can't be found but the ones we do locate are always friendly and welcoming.  Friday we went to about six locations in a row without finding any members but other days more fortunate.

Wednesday we attended our first Zone Conference.  There were about 20 Elders and 2 Sister Missionaries and us.  We were extremely impressed with the spirituality and maturity of the zone leaders and how well prepared they were.  It was three hours well spent.  Afterwards we took the Sisters out to lunch and home to their apartment.  

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